Christian Leaders and taking time off.
Just got back from having had a few week’s vacation and  I am now feeling refreshed and ready for the
next season that God has in store for me. While sitting in my chair absorbing
the rays of the sun and getting my daily dose of Vitamin D, I mused about why
it is so important for us to have time off. There are obvious reasons; like
good stewardship and the fact that it’s good for your congregation to have a
break from their senior pastor as well. (That may hit home at some egos)
Some years ago a church leadership suggested to their senior
pastor, that after 20 years of service to the church that he should take a
fully paid sabbatical for six months. To go and refresh him and to relax and
perhaps go hear other great Christian leaders and get ideas and new thoughts on
taking the church forward into the next season. The pastor flatly refused,
fired his leadership as he felt they were going to take over. For the next five
years he never went on leave as he felt he would lose his church. A tragic tale
made even more tragic as I heard last month that he had died of cancer.
It is imperative that young leaders have a regular regime of
taking time off and having annual leave here are five reasons why:
Physical and Mental strains are very real in
Christian Leadership. By taking time off both the body and brain can unwind and
reset. It helps you as you are more able to hear what God is saying to you, all
the white background noise has gone.
A good vacation will result in improved
productivity once you get back to your church. You are able to see more clearly
and begin to implement your strategies.
Balance between your work life and your home
life can be restored. You have to realise that your identity and reason for
living is not found in your work, but in whom you are as a husband/wife, parent
and active member of your community not just your church.
A great vacation will result in improved focus. You
will be able to differentiate between what is important and what is not.
You will have better relationships with
people.  By having regular time off and
good, relaxing vacations will mean that your relationships with people will be
kept on an even keel.
 To any Christian
leader, my advice is always have regular time off, and always ensure that you take
your vacation, don’t be afraid that you will come back to an empty church or by
taking your vacation that somehow your congregation will call another leader to
come and take over. Your faith is and should always be in God not others.

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