Command and Control management is all about establishing and
maintaining power and control over people. On the surface it’s a great
management tool and principle. But that is all. What we have to remember is it
is a secular management process, the question we have to ask ourselves is does
it work for congregations? Churches and the needs of congregations are a lot
more complex than what they were 20 or even 50 years ago.
Most Christian Leaders will tell me that their leadership
style is one of developing, empowering and inspiring people into leadership. “Do
as I do follow me just like Jesus asked us to follow him!”However while this is
true in part I often find that the unspoken tag line is one “I do all this as
long as people do as they are told and adhere to our churches cultural expectations”.
Let me give you an example; a member of a worship team who
was and is very faithful and conscientious was late for a worship team practice
before a Sunday night meeting. It had never happened before. The worship leader
ignored the past faithfulness and abilities of the young man, he demanded to know what the young
man was playing at and said that he would not be part of the team that night. 
Here we have Command and Control at work. The command part was ‘you have let the side down by not being here on time’.
The control part was ‘because of your tardiness you can’t be part of the team
tonight’. Was the worship leader right in his actions? For me the short answer
is No.
Jesus never used a command and control or power and status
type leadership style. While he asked people to follow him he did so through
having and doing the following;
He was servant hearted and he always ensured
that his focus was on others never on himself.
He always tried to understand the perspective of
others, unlike the worship leader above. The worship leader was focused on the
event and putting forward perfection rather than being people focused.  He wasn’t interested in reasons why the young
man was late. He wasn’t interested in putting himself in the shoes of the young
Jesus was all about looking at character, all be
it imperfect humanity.
One other thing that needs to be done that is
completely contrary to a command and control principles and one thing that Christian
Leaders are reluctant to do, is to allow their processes to be challenged after
all there could always be a better way of doing things.
For young leaders there is a need to understand that perhaps
the greatest thing that is forgotten in Command and control leadership systems
is Grace. Always remember never to forget about Grace that way the above story
will not occur again.

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