Part Two

Further to my last blog post and carrying on with the idea of Christians in politics, I must add that I firmly believe that it is right
for young Christian leaders to start to get involved in politics. But politics
starts at the grass roots level, in the community. It is there that any young
Christian Leader who is shepherding a church congregation must start.  If they are interested in knowing what is
going on in the local community then it is at local level that the politics
Many Ideas come from grass root local community groups.
These are past upwards to people on parish, town or city councils, they are
debated, appraised and in some cases legislated. For the young Christian Leader
it is these ideas that they will have more hope of influencing, if they are
Not long ago I was working with a local charity that was
primarily concerned with looking after the mental wellbeing of young people,
especially young women. During one staff room strategy debate the thorny issue
of Abortion came up. Because I was not the only Christian in the room and
because I was a man, I waited to see what the other Christians would say. I
might add that the non- Christians were also waiting to see what Christians
were going to say. Unfortunately, the debate descended into Pro-life verses pro-
choice arguments. Not the result I was looking for.
However a few weeks later the topic was again brought up,
this time one young Christian woman discussed ideas that everybody could
accept, ideas centred on young vulnerable women having adult female mentors, having
father figures, not just for young men. These ideas included giving them social
skills and life skills to help them make good choices. This young women didn’t
just come up with the ideas she came with solutions and concrete ways to
implement her ideas, I can say all her ideas were implemented. Time will tell,
on how successful these ideas will be and how many young women have been saved
from going through an abortion.
The issue for Christians is that abortion is very emotive,
but we don’t control the agenda. The agenda is controlled by secularists whose
first option is always the easiest route- ‘what does the nation’s law say’.
Christians on the national stage can’t win the argument. But at grass roots
level they can influence and convince people of other alternatives before the
topic of abortion comes up.
It’s not about wearing our Christianity on our sleeve; it’s
about bringing wisdom immersed in our worldview to a situation. Christ doesn’t
even have to be mentioned. If you want to influence then get involved first in
grass roots politics at community level and then take it from there.

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