One of the hardest things for us to do is to predict the
future with any certainty. We may plan for our own lives and what will happen
tomorrow or even next week, but it gets harder for us to predict our fortunes
the further forward we look. Circumstances in politics in community in our environment
may and will change and these things will impact on our lives in some way or
I remember where I was and what I was doing on December 31st
1999 like it was yesterday, but now 20 years later, I could never have
predicted the events that have occurred in my life. Being expelled from the
country of my upbringing, by a despot, whose greed knew no bounds and who systematically
destroyed a country that was the breadbasket of Africa. Today that nation has 8
million people starving, 90{a84cc41649da88529baa91e51d4d75716c94687e2cd83e12bd8cff4468af4308} unemployment and no economy to speak of. None of
these things we could have seen with any great degree of certainty.
What then does this have to do with young Christian Leaders
you may ask? Well I think we need to understand that no matter how much we plan,
circumstances beyond our control can turn those plans upside down. No Christian
leader can truthfully predict what will happen in our churches a year, two
years or even a decade down the line.
The answer to our planning and our predictions is to stay on
message. Make sure that the message of Christ is at the forefront of all our planning.
We may think that it is not getting through but believe me it is. Don’t be
tempted to water it down or lower its standards just because you feel pressured
by secular society.
The message I will be concentrating on in 2020 is for young
Christian leaders to stick to their plans, keep Jesus at the centre of those
plans and with the help and aid of the Holy Spirit keep pushing forward.
If you want to know more why not read one of my books. These
are practical books that will help you either establish and strengthen you as a
young Christian Leader or help you to set in place plans to change the culture
and direction of your church. 2020 has great things in store for your dreams
and visions; God hasn’t finished with you yet.

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