The last few weeks have been eventful. I have come down with the
dreaded Coronavirus Covid 19 and survived. I have had a dry irritating cough, a
very high fever, shortness of breath and a very tight chest. Along with this I
appear to have lost me sense of smell.
Fortunately I have no under
laying medical conditions and am relatively healthy and fit for my age.
Like most Christian Leaders my
job revolves around meeting with and interacting with people. Like every
Christian I know, I shake hands so it is not surprising that I caught the
I have come into contact with
the unseen monster of horror and apocalypse movies, this plague that moves
through the population as easily as putting a hot knife through a slab of
butter. Yet at no time through the last 14 days have I ever felt fear or the
hand of death.
Why? You may ask. Well I
believe that God hadn’t shown me it was my time to die, and also the science
said that if I was fit and healthy and had no under laying medical conditions,
I would survive.
One thing that we must remember
is that this unseen monster needs a human host to survive. By adhering to social
distancing, self-isolating ourselves and keeping our hands washed we can defeat
this virus and deny it what it needs most, you and I.
So stick to the rules, keep
your distance avoid unnecessary contact with strangers and above all stay safe.
Keep fellowshipping with others through social media and face time.
While I was ill I was reminded
of the old hymn “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus love and righteousness”
Christian Leader on who is your
hope built, He is the one who will see you through.

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