For the most part here in the UK, lockdown is over and people are coming
out of their self made bunkers and breathing in the fresh air. They are
according to the media trying to live in the “new normal” and get
their lives back on track.

 Getting back on track for them may mean losing the weight they have accumulated
over lockdown, or staying fit now that it is over. It may mean relief to shell
shocked parents who can at last know that their children will go back to school
in their lifetimes. Children can now go wild, knowing that they can see their
friends again while silently admitting that they have missed school. For many,
sadly, it can mean they can now publicly grieve the loved ones they have lost.

 But what of churches and Christians? What does their post lockdown world
look like?

  Churches are not yet able to meet as they did before lockdown.
Christian Leaders are trying to interpret the government guidelines and protect
their flocks at the same time. People, for the most part are tired of meeting
on Sunday morning via their iPhones, laptops and TV’s, they have developed technology
fatigue. They want to meet with people, interact, see body language and express
themselves,-at a safe social distance of course. They don’t want to see their
friends from the shoulders up anymore on a small screen.

Some churches are thinking outside the box and having meetings of up to
100 people all nicely socially distanced, having live music but not having the
congregation singing. At the same time they are live streaming to those that
couldn’t make it. These churches are asking church members to book on line and
register their family groupings, this to ensure everyone stays within their own
family/social bubble, and to ensure that they don’t exceed the designated

Larger churches are having multiple meetings throughout the weekend,
starting on a Friday night. Other smaller churches are meeting together in
smaller groups in their buildings, with all the necessary COVID 19 protocols in

 Sadly some churches are still too afraid to meet for fear of their older
congregation members contracting the virus. This is sad because many of those
older people have been shielding themselves, self isolating. This has left them
lonely and sometimes depressed.

The Bible says that God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit
of love, joy and a sound mind, in other words common sense. If we use our
common sense and our ability to think through things then there is no reason
why we can’t meet together and “not neglect the fellowshipping together of
the saints”.

COVID 19 should not be feared, respected yes but understand that we have
to live alongside this virus, not in fear of it. Only then can we get back to
the “new normal” that people talk about.

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