What is church really about?

This last week I have been talking to a young church leader
about their church and how they are coming out of the lock-down and isolation, which we here
in the UK have experienced. 

He explained to me that they had kept close contact with
all their congregants via online connect groups, video chats and other social
media platforms. He was encouraged that over 98{a84cc41649da88529baa91e51d4d75716c94687e2cd83e12bd8cff4468af4308} of his congregation had stayed
in close contact with each other. He then went on to show me a series of well
produced and presented video ads, that the leadership team had produced and put
up on various social media sites, to encourage people back to church.

As I watched I became acutely aware that there was something
missing. The ads themselves were fine. What I felt was not in what they were
saying but in what they were not saying. The ads were telling Christians to
come back to church, to come meet their friends face to face. To come and enjoy
all the new programmes that had been devised and produced during lock down. The
ads were telling Christians to come and get involved and participate or to
become volunteers in one or more departments of the church. There were ads from
the worship leader, the kid’s church leader, the men’s group leader and the
woman’s group leader, in fact there were ads from every department head and
church leader in the church. The social media sites of congregants and
followers were bombarded throughout the day and week in this well executed
media blitz.

While I think it is a good thing that the leaders of this
church should be concerned about the spiritual well being of their
congregations. In all the rhetoric that came from these ads, there was not one
mention of the lost, those oppressed, the lonely, and the sick. Nor was there
any mention of those that were in need.

The church is a green pasture for sheep to graze and be
filled. The church is also a Hospital for the sick, it is a care home for the
lonely. It is a social hub that endeavours to be in tune with the pulse of the
community that surrounds it. The church is a light to those that are in

So in the rush to get back to a fellowship do not forget
those that Christ has not forgotten, because therein lays the the true purpose of the church..


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