Jesus the first mega church leader?

I first wrote this blog in February 2021 but with recent happenings in
Australia and America and the fall out, I felt
compelled to rewrite it. I have begun to question the way I view
these churches. 

I have been to several very famous Mega churches scattered
around the world and I have been in many churches aspiring to become mega
churches. Some I have loved and enjoyed immensely, others left me cold and
uncomfortable. The feeling of discomfort and unease always revolved around the
leader, it always left me with the question, why? I fervently believe that
there is a place for the mega church in our great metropolitan cities, but not
with many of the leaders of these churches. We need to seriously question their
ethics, morals, and their character by which they portray Christ Jesus

With all things our starting point and standard must be Jesus. After all
he was the churches first mega church leader. Once he had to feed his
congregation there were 5000 men plus women and children, another time it he
had to feed 7000, now that is great church growth. Once, the crowd was so
large, near a coastal town that he couldn’t get to his beach side pulpit, so he
had to stand in a boat to deliver his sermon.

For today’s mega and aspiring mega churches it’s all about numbers. How
many people came through the doors on Sunday? I know of one church that had
ushers at the door checking off an app on their phones all the members that
came through the door, as though somehow in the grand scheme of things this was

Jesus always stood when he ministered to people. It didn’t matter if the
congregation was large or small. However, I have been in mega churches where
you were expected to stand whenever the leader came into the room and even give
them a standing ovation.

I have seen some mega church leaders drive around in brand new expensive
cars with gold Rolex watches on their wrists. Jesus had a nationwide ministry
but often didn’t know where he was going to sleep that night. Once after a long
journey, he even washed some people’s smelly feet.

Jesus was constantly questioned and criticised, by his followers, the authorities,
and other religious leaders. He rarely answered any of his critics. He would
just take it on the chin. He allowed his servant heart and actions to be
judged. He even forbad his nearest leaders to retaliate. Yet many of today’s
mega church leaders have thin skins and are more conscious of their egos. If
someone criticises them or their teaching, their followers come to their
defence and the questioner is shouted down. If you are a congregation member or
leader who has some challenging questions, you are severely chastised and
thereafter you are considered a troublemaker and not to be trusted. You are
never asked to leave the church, but the fruit of the spirit is not in evidence
from the leadership, and you are made to feel unwanted.

Jesus called people to repentance he didn’t ramble on with countless
testimonies of how great his conversations with God were or the numerous times
he had been blessed by God because he had given over and above his tithe. Jesus
didn’t wonder into women’s hotel rooms at night and then, when caught make
excuses, he never blamed it on alcohol or the anti-depressants he was on. Jesus
never asked people to feel good and look good. For Jesus it was about turning
people back to God, not playing lip service to the gospel, or basking in the
glory of the lights and fanfare of experience.

The Bible says that we have all fallen short of the glory of God.
Perhaps many mega church leaders should take a long hard look at themselves,
show real repentance, step out of the limelight and let Jesus shine.


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