Tim King Leadership UK operates over a number of areas:

Mentoring; This can be done one on one or in small groups. Charities or churches will ask if their young leaders can be mentored. The mentoring is done informally on a weekly basis over coffee.

Leadership Skills Development: TKL offers a short program of leadership training to help young people develop their skills.

The subjects covered may include:

  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Universal Leadership Traits.
  • Intellectual Strengths.
  • Identifying and Modifying Belief Systems.
  • Personal Growth and Development.
  • Why Leaders fail.

Health Checks; Every organisation needs to know how they are doing and how healthy they are, this includes charities and churches. The health check is designed to do just that. Through a series of questionnaires, interviews and observations. TKL will produce a report and presentation to your organisation to determine how well you are doing.

Church Health Check Questionnaire for the Leadership Team

Healthy Church Questionnaire

Leadership Seminars: These are short weekend programs designed for churches and revolve around coaching and training.

Lecturing: Tim King has lectured in a number of Colleges on the Book of Acts, Church History, Church Growth and Leadership Development.

For more in-depth details and how we may be able to help you with a more bespoke program please contact us.